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Natural supplements are a healthy alternative to synthetic supplements and offer a variety of health benefits. Derived from natural sources such as plants, fruits and herbs, the Root brands‘ high-quality supplements provide a concentrated dose of nutrients to help the body stay healthy.

Overall, natural supplements such as The Root’s Clean Slate or Zero-In offer a healthy and safe way to provide the body with essential nutrients. They are a great addition to a balanced diet and can help keep the body and mind healthy and strong.

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CLEAN SLATE from the official the Root Shop

Remove toxins and heavy metals from your body with the help of Clean Slate. The absorption of nutrients is another benefit of our favorit wellness product the Root Clean Slate.

IMMUNE DEFENSE SHIELD from the official the Root Shop

Essential vitamins, minerals, flavonoids and enzymes are needed for a stabil immune defense shield. (Vitamin C, D and K2, OmniMinTM AC Trace Minerals, β-Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD+), quercetin).

RELIVE GREEN from the official the Root Shop

Relive green from the Root brands is made of all-natural green superfood ingedients, dark leafy greens, fruits, and prebiotic fiber. This ingredients supports the body’s natural ability to cleanse and refresh while improving your metabolism.

PUCKER PERFORMANCE from the official the Root Shop

A mix of Flower oils and essences are responsible for the boosting of your lips volume. So get yourself all the benefits of pucker performance for youthful looking lips.

ZERO-IN from the official the Root Shop

Optimize you brain and gain laser-sharp mental focus with Zero-In from the Root brands. A natural alternative to synthetic stimulants with turmeric, pine bark, velvet bean seed and vitamin D.

FACE LIFT from the official the Root Shop

Face lift from the Root helps your skin to get much more hydrated, toned and softer.

NATURAL BARRIER SUPPORT from the official the Root Shop

Build yourself a natural barrier support. This popular product was created to protect the body’s immune system against infection and inflammation.

CURE THE CAUSES BOOK from the official the Root Shop

Dr. Christina Rahm discusses the many aspects of disease and how you can restore and revitalizing your health. As an internationally sought-after scientific leader, spokesperson, and innovator in health and wellness its her mission to love, empower, and help others to be the best they can!

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